Thursday, July 31, 2008

No grown woman should ever do jumping jacks

I had a brutal aerobics class today. I decided not only am I too old to jump rope for 3 minutes, but I should not be forced to do low-jogs or jumping jacks any longer! I have noted a few things I learned in aerobics today I would like to remember before next Tuesday:
1. My favorite part of the class (besides leaving) is the water breaks
2. I spend more time watching the clock then I do looking at the instructor
3. If you wear any sort of sweat pants or shorts with words written on the bum, I will likely stare at your bum throughout the entire class
4. You always have your over-achievers in class the people who have to show-off-I am not one of those people-I am the one furthest from the mirrors, by the window (whispering "help me")
5. I sweat and smell like a man when before, during, and after class-no sophistication here!!
6. I have absolutely no sense of rhythm
7. I can't combo steps are anything that requires more thought then just punch, kick
8. I honestly enjoy to punch during kick boxing. Look out anyone who tries to rob me! Hopefully he has some music on him so I can punch him in-time for the music otherwise I am in serious trouble!
9. I am certain my instructor killed everyone who started the class off with a BMI over 25 by aerobicizing them to death because I don't see them any more...
10. I dislike perky people who look good, still can do high-impact aerobics and talk at the same time!

I miss my old Jazzercise teacher, she would push us but didn't hold me to high expectations! I corrupted her fitness time with shopping, food, and drinks! I think all she drank and ate went straight to MY hips! If you are out there in cyber world I love you kid!


~Mendie~ said...

I too feel like I am doing the "Elaine" dance on some of the combos! At least you are brave enough to do them with others....I keep my moves indoors where noone can see my lack of rhythem!

Kristen said...

Amen, sister. Especially to #10. Those people drive me insane.