Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You're right, I am the idiot..

I am so quick to alert someone they are an idiot when driving. Well the "unthinkable" happened today, I was the idiot driver! My mind went adrift (as it does during my long morning commute) and I changed lanes without even signaling (or looking) and I accidentally cut-off someone (not near accident status) in the left lane. He kindly let me know I was "number one in his heart". I had no idea how to react so as I signaled and returned to the right lane he passed me and gave me more choice words. I kindly mouthed "You're right and I am an idiot, also giving him an apology and a wave". Well I could tell the guy didn't know how to react and he sped by me and it was over..I definitely felt like an idiot and wanted to crawl under my dashboard and hide (apparently not legal unless you own a Knight Rider type car and my Cabrio does not qualify as cool enough to trick-out like that). So the term "typical woman driver" applies to me today! I guess that allows me a pass to put on my make-up tonight while driving home or talk on my cell phone since I am already marked as an idiot!!

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