Friday, July 18, 2008

I am no longer a "spring chick" but why can't I let it go of MTV reality shows?

Hints why I am old: Driving to work this morning I heard the Prince song 1999. Not only did I graduate college prior to this pivotal year, but I remember thinking when the song first came out how 1999 felt like a million years away. In a way Prince was right 2000 party was over, time for this party girl to live in the real world. Speaking of the REAL WORLD, I give my husband a really hard time about watching the History channel and Discovery channel. I however find it perfectly socially acceptable to continue watching the Hills, Real World, and worse yet Sweet Sixteen. I would say about 10-plus years ago I should have converted to watching VH1 but I can't find myself making that transition, unless Rock of Love is on.. For now, I will continue watching the Hills and Real World until the ratings company reports me to MTV and they call and ask me to discontinue watching these shows or they will contact NBC's in regards to their catch a predator segment.
Worse yet, I don't draw the line at MTV, I also continue to shop at American Eagle, and my personal favorite Lucky Brand (I would shop at that Hollister place but I can't make it through that cologne cloud that lingers at the door-what is that?). So I ask myself, when do I intend to grow-up? Maybe when MTV stops putting less-then reality shows such as the Hills that are so addictive!
Will I be the only lady in the nursing home who will have to take a nap at 6:00 so I can watch the Hills or MTV spring break at the ten spot in the common room? I do think I will look very cute in my PINK PJ bottoms, look out all nursing home hotties!! Party in the common room at 10:00, you bring the Geritol, I will provide the cosmos or scooby doo shots!


dawn said...

I will be right there with you in the nursing home watching Real World Season 93 wearing my AE tank and Pink shorts, I'm sure. I can't seem to keep myself out of the junior's department at Macy's!

Mendie said...

Another reality junkie who doesn't want to feel like I am in my thirties friend here! Irritated at the fact that I far too frequently shed a tear, share a laugh and hurry home not to miss any of these addicting shows!