Friday, March 27, 2009

Only on Fridays

I am a practicing Catholic. This means I carry so much guilt around in my life I have ulcer scares monthly. It also means I can't have meat on Friday's during Lent-or chocolate as I give it up as my Lenten sacrifice. I am not a huge carnivore to begin with. I quite like vegetables and any sort of red in my meat makes me cringe. I don't like touching raw meat or preparing any dish with meat included. I made bacon a few months back and found there to be pig hairs still on the bacon. I am just starting to eat bacon again after the incident. However, thinking about it makes me gag. The only time I crave meat is Lenten Fridays. The only time I crave chocolate is Lent. Bryon's family informed me Sundays are exceptions for Lenten promises and it all ends Saturdays before Easter at noon. At first I agreed because a peanut butter egg tastes so good (why are those ten times better then the other cups you can get year-round-even the pumpkins and the trees) and I couldn't wait another day. Now I figure I waited this long what is another day? I will wait for the Easter bunny to bring me the eggs (full size one's Mr. Bryon bunny) and I can have 1 or 2 after church! I guarantee the Friday after Easter I will NOT want meat or see any chocolate. Always want what you can't have!!

Mom's wish was granted

From what my parent's told me, I was a good baby and child. I think my teenage years definitely made him lose his hair and cause many in the house, including the dogs their white hair! I recall my Mom saying someday I hope you have a child just like you (I must have been very bad at the time she said that) because apparently I now have the wild-man at school. In the last week I have been told my son has bit, pushed, kicked and has an odd obsession with scissors and isn't progressing quickly. As a child who rarely was in trouble at school I was defeated, I had tears welling in my eyes after being confronted by the teacher at school. I immediately called Bryon and told him "call the school director and make an appointment and plan on searching out a new school shortly". We spent the weekend shopping for CRAP (how my son says craft) supplies. I am leery about scissors in the first place but found he quite enjoyed cutting paper and gluing. I was surprised. He has an attention span of a flea but managed to sit still for over 10-minutes doing "crap". The meeting with the director went surprisingly well this week. Actually, over-all this week was pretty good for this sophisticated lady. I am sure I jinxed myself but I will take the few days of good luck I have had. Hopefully we will continue doing "crap" at home and my son won't be marked with the scarlet letter for much longer..then we will move to 100% potty trained right? Baby step. If this doesn't work, I need to either enroll him in ultimate fighting classes now or reserve a cell at the county jail!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

C'est La Vie

I think the best approach to have on life is c'est la vie. I think if I could be remembered by anything in my life it will be the terms c'est la vie.

Last week was mal (thanks to all those years of French this is the only pieces I remember). When I look back on it it made me laugh how sick to my stomach I was with worry. I truly think my ulcer will be arriving shortly due to the amount of worrying I do (or the diet coke I drink). This week thus far hasn't been so bad, but I don't want to jinx myself as of yet. I think I had my breaking point yesterday and literally hit the last straw and couldn't worry about anything else in my life.
My director here at work is pregnant and has a doctor appointment today and the weigh-in. To me, nothing is WORSE then that weight in. I would wear the lightest close, take off my shoes. I would shed every layer I could before getting on that scale! I was in hysterics laughing about that today. Here I come loony bin!

I decided to add some more important things I want to share with my son someday, a little Mom wisdom:

1) Always hold the door for women and even other men-that is just RUDE!
2) Always get the car door for women
3) You can retake a test but never repeat last night (maybe won't share that with him until after college)
4) Unlike your Mom don't trust everyone in your life because chances are you will get stabbed in the back more times you can count
5) You took FAR too long to potty train
6) Your stubbornness is from your father
7) Your fashion sense is from your mother
8) Please and Thank you for EVERYTHING
9) Don't drive like an idiot like all the other people around me
10) I will be monitoring your facebook and myspace accounts
11) C'est La Vie my dear boy!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wow people do like my seriously what are you taking?

I have had a few questions about letting my blog lapse (maybe not an army of people but nice to be appreciated). Truth of the matter is, I try to keep this light and but I haven't had anything worth writing about. I don't know if it is an age thing but I don't think I am very funny lately. Ok, granted my company just laid-off 300 people last week in front of our eyes and I lost a few very dear people to me. Maybe it could be the mandatory salary cut I had. I wish I could even place the blame on my winter blues, But enough!!! I need to give my sour puss attitude a kick in the butt and try to get motivated to write again and entertain myself. I do have a topic I want to get off my chest...
This blog I call

Life is a big FAT money pit

Have you heard the saying in 3's. Usually it references people passing away, or pregnancies around the office. Well my 3's have to do with luck and superstition. Those who know me, understand my glass is only 1/2 full. I have always been pessimistic. I make a wonderful friend don't I? I guess 3 can also be considered the number of people I expect attending my funeral based on that information.

Honestly though. I will have a good day and I am certain the next day will be a bad day or the next week. I am the person who says to myself (usually in my head), if I make this shot into the trashcan xx will happen, if I miss the opposite. Well my 3's usually center around luck. If anyone gives us an estimate for a doctor bill or for repair service I can expect to pay the HIGH and most of the time beyond that. I managed to break my tooth on a conversation heart a few weeks back. The $.01 cent heart cost me $200 plus dollars for a partial crown. On top of paying that co-pay I got the agony of 2 dentist visits and Novocaine, Yippee paying for pain! Car repairs are the same for us. I expect to pay around $500 for a service and it is typically much more then that. My poor little cabrio is screaming for brakes and tires and I get to pick one. I figure one keeps me moving will probably win and hopefully the tree or the bumper of the car in front of me will help me stop. I rarely can go one day without spending a dime on something that we need for the car, the house, or a bill of some sorts. I still have a love for shopping but I have to be honest with my shopping mates, I have not bought any article of clothing or purse for my son or myself in quite a while. Unless you count pull-up's which we need to put a stop to real quick. Potty training since October and still no "big boy robot panties (yes that is what he calls them)" full-time.
So my bad luck tends to fall in my category of 3's and if I am on a hot luck streak I am always looking for the shoe to fall. Anyway, if you still want to be my friend I promise to add some more blogs but I can't promise funny or delightful, because well that isn't me or at least until the sun is shining and it is above 60-degrees. Or I am holding a the larger half of a wishbone and a rabbits foot in my hand.

Thanks for caring enough to let me know you missed me.