Friday, September 26, 2008

Watch for flying scales

I am about to go 12-rounds with my scale. I had taken on a few lbs since my aerobics class ended. Call it depression, sheer hunger, or tape worms as I like to say I came-up with any excuse that would allow french fries in my diet. The last two weeks I have been pretty good about my cardio routine looking and smelling like a pig when I leave the gym. I haven't stepped on the scale for about 1-week now. I figured I would have lost 2 or so lbs. Unfortunately, I did not lose any weight what-so-ever! Honestly I was about to go monkey nuts in the bathroom this morning. I literally made some adjustments to the scale (as I have added 3lbs to match the evil doctor office scales) dial pushing the +4-lbs back to +3lbs. Even without my PJ's I weigh the same. I had to take every will power of restraint to not throw my scale out the window. My husband, think he is helping said "maybe you are putting on muscle". I know he was trying to help but I almost went ninja on him as well.

I start my ultra water program this next week. I haven't swam since high school and I don't think 1-power hour is going to get me into Michael Phelps type shape. In fact I foresee many visits to he doctor for ear infections in the next few months. Regardless I need a break from Buffy the backside slayer. Never fails, every first week of aerobics my husband has to travel or in this case has a customer in town. Since he gets to miss tomorrow's lovely potty training festivities to go to the game, I have reminded him kindly that he is in charge of pick-up with our son on Tuesday as I have had this class booked now for 3-months. Maybe not so kindly, but there was no blood shed. I agreed to do the other two-days but I need to be there on Tuesday. Lord help him if he screws this one up!

In celebration of the scale results and the fact I this is the first Friday I have to work in September, I celebrated with a medium hot Cocoa (avec whipped cream) from Caribou. Take that scale! I have very little to do today other then a few measly projects. I will enjoy my Yo! on E radio show for all my celeb gossip and pray the day goes quickly. I will also take on much restraint to prevent online shopping or sleeping in my chair.

So in other news. I have to giggle, USC lost yesterday. I hope that nice fan on sports center kept that over rated sign he held-up at the OSU game..chuckle chuckle. Hopefully their fans can feel the next-day hangover pain or the walk-of-shame with that loss. Grand satisfaction kids!

Happy weekend to all! Except my scale, that piece of equipment can bite my big butt. Boy I wish I could afford liposuction and a trip to Aruba to celebrate!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Did you hear that? Dinosaurs has to go potty again?

I never thought I would see the day where I would take a stuffed animal, de-pants them and sit them on a training potty. The time is coming where I have dreaded before I had a child of my own. Potty training. Honestly, I do not know how to start or what to do. I am WINGING IT BIG TIME!! This week we are introducing the potty a bit harder then normal by undressing his favorite stuffed animal "Dinosaurs" and sitting him on the potty. If Dinosaurs goes potty he gets a sticker. This has resulted in a few potty attempts but nothing successful at this point. I honestly believe he may be the oldest kid in diapers. My son is a bit "head-strong" and really has his own agenda in life. Definitely not easy working with someone like that and when you put three of those personalities in the house it is chaos (and that doesn't include my alpha dog). So this weekend when you are out, having a few drinks, eating a nice dinner think of me. If I am not over checking in on my father who is mending after deciding falling from a neighbor's roof is much easier of an exit then using a ladder (I can joke now because he is on the mend pending an MRI tomorrow), I will be using a lot of carpet cleaner on messes or spending much more time in the bathroom then one should allow.

I am no longer funny..or I have misplaced my laughing juice.

So I am pondering what to blog about today and honestly, I have started about 3-different blogs to all be deleted with a sigh. I have a really great circle of friends that I draw-on from every aspect of my life. If I need someone to cheer me-up I email or call Mendie. If I need a visit from a friend who can just talk and is learning parenting skills along with me, I call Jackie. I need a dose of trends and talk something other then children I email Dawn. If I need a Mom motivation I read my fried Kristen's blog. The list goes on-and on.
But thinking about my dismal state right now I can't remember the last time I had a really good laugh... A laugh where you wipe tears out of your eyes and leaves you giggling for time to come. I can't remember a time lately I had one of those laughs. I have to tell you I have a few BFW (best-friends-at-work as we call ourselves) that I can count-on to make me laugh. One is brutally honest and she also has these off-the-wall comments. You combine her and another great friend at work who seems shy and turns out she is about the least-shy person of all...and it provides a balance to my mundane work life. I need a refill of my laughing potion and one of my two gals is out of town and the other is in a meeting. Alas, makes you thankful for the time you actually have together.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A true huricane hits Ohio?

I live a few miles from the ocean. In fact for me to drive to the ocean it is about a 14-hour drive (not including potty breaks and essential food stops). However, what I lived through yesterday was a bit of an illusion. 70 mph wind gusts, watching trees crack in 1/2 and hit the ground. Seeing our street lights crashing to the pavement. I felt like a storm chaser. I would tell my husband "turn down this street to see what happened to their property". See my life is a bit like a hurricane. I honestly can't sit still to save my life and it drives my husband crazy. We returned from our nice vacation on Friday night. Had a wonderful time but the minute I stepped into the house I kept thinking "what is next..". I didn't want to live with the let-down vacation is over so I try to keep my mind preoccupied. I literally woke-up at 6am planned my meals for the week, booked tickets to see Thomas the Train on Sunday, and started my errands. I can't tell you the last time I watched a full movie or something that wasn't on DVR. The term stop and smell the roses is lost on me. Yesterday when we lost power I went brain dead. I wasn't sure what I could do. The new recipe for lasagna I had made for a nice family dinner was out..the research I needed to do on the computer-forget it. I sat on the couch and thought there had to be something the prehistoric cavemen did without electricity. I then proceeded to pluck my eyebrows and then was able to do a few sewing repairs. After being tired of my Martha Stewart moments, I called my parents to bring dinner to share with them. Right before I left they lost their power. I carted around this useless 9x13 pan of lasagna and pouted all the way to my parents house. Luckily my son was spending some much needed bonding time with his grandparents. I truly believe Kaden was tired of us after 1-week full week of bonding. I swore he was taking his crayons and trying to write a parents-for-sale add to take out on us Saturday after my whirlwind of a day and Bryon's depression after another Buckeye heart breaker. All works out in the end I guess. The lasagna may satisfy our appetites another day, Kaden didn't pack his bags and leave, Parents took us out for a really great meal, Bryon gets a "free day" off from work and I, well I am working...hmm maybe in my next life I will have better luck and a more laid-back personality.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cheerio from Jolly ole' WET England

Do we have luck when we travel or do we have luck? Before vacation 2-hours to be exact. Bryon was in the doctor's office for a bacteria infection from bad Mexican food..I am totally serious here. We eat at Max & Erma's in the airport and I get very sick in our layover destination. We arrive at destination and Kaden catches a bad cold on the plane. Now, he seems to be improving and I have it 10-full. Today I am laid-up resting. I don't mind as our intent in coming over to visit our "family" was to allow them time with the wild child. I am honestly enjoying the peace and quiet. We have been rather busy and the rain hasn't stopped us one bit. Definitely much chillier then they even anticipated. We went to their seaside boardwalk yesterday. We also have visited the see and a lovely park where Kaden rode an electric train and we even tagged along. We have spent less time at manors and castles and more time in playgrounds. Hopefully our trip back doesn't land us in hospital. Having a lovely time, enjoying the company and definitely enjoying the wine!