Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am no longer funny..or I have misplaced my laughing juice.

So I am pondering what to blog about today and honestly, I have started about 3-different blogs to all be deleted with a sigh. I have a really great circle of friends that I draw-on from every aspect of my life. If I need someone to cheer me-up I email or call Mendie. If I need a visit from a friend who can just talk and is learning parenting skills along with me, I call Jackie. I need a dose of trends and talk something other then children I email Dawn. If I need a Mom motivation I read my fried Kristen's blog. The list goes on-and on.
But thinking about my dismal state right now I can't remember the last time I had a really good laugh... A laugh where you wipe tears out of your eyes and leaves you giggling for time to come. I can't remember a time lately I had one of those laughs. I have to tell you I have a few BFW (best-friends-at-work as we call ourselves) that I can count-on to make me laugh. One is brutally honest and she also has these off-the-wall comments. You combine her and another great friend at work who seems shy and turns out she is about the least-shy person of all...and it provides a balance to my mundane work life. I need a refill of my laughing potion and one of my two gals is out of town and the other is in a meeting. Alas, makes you thankful for the time you actually have together.

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Mendie said...

Actually the last time I think we laughed that hard together was watching each other acting like penguins on the Wii Fit!!! That was hysterical!!!