Monday, September 15, 2008

A true huricane hits Ohio?

I live a few miles from the ocean. In fact for me to drive to the ocean it is about a 14-hour drive (not including potty breaks and essential food stops). However, what I lived through yesterday was a bit of an illusion. 70 mph wind gusts, watching trees crack in 1/2 and hit the ground. Seeing our street lights crashing to the pavement. I felt like a storm chaser. I would tell my husband "turn down this street to see what happened to their property". See my life is a bit like a hurricane. I honestly can't sit still to save my life and it drives my husband crazy. We returned from our nice vacation on Friday night. Had a wonderful time but the minute I stepped into the house I kept thinking "what is next..". I didn't want to live with the let-down vacation is over so I try to keep my mind preoccupied. I literally woke-up at 6am planned my meals for the week, booked tickets to see Thomas the Train on Sunday, and started my errands. I can't tell you the last time I watched a full movie or something that wasn't on DVR. The term stop and smell the roses is lost on me. Yesterday when we lost power I went brain dead. I wasn't sure what I could do. The new recipe for lasagna I had made for a nice family dinner was out..the research I needed to do on the computer-forget it. I sat on the couch and thought there had to be something the prehistoric cavemen did without electricity. I then proceeded to pluck my eyebrows and then was able to do a few sewing repairs. After being tired of my Martha Stewart moments, I called my parents to bring dinner to share with them. Right before I left they lost their power. I carted around this useless 9x13 pan of lasagna and pouted all the way to my parents house. Luckily my son was spending some much needed bonding time with his grandparents. I truly believe Kaden was tired of us after 1-week full week of bonding. I swore he was taking his crayons and trying to write a parents-for-sale add to take out on us Saturday after my whirlwind of a day and Bryon's depression after another Buckeye heart breaker. All works out in the end I guess. The lasagna may satisfy our appetites another day, Kaden didn't pack his bags and leave, Parents took us out for a really great meal, Bryon gets a "free day" off from work and I, well I am working...hmm maybe in my next life I will have better luck and a more laid-back personality.

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