Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cheerio from Jolly ole' WET England

Do we have luck when we travel or do we have luck? Before vacation 2-hours to be exact. Bryon was in the doctor's office for a bacteria infection from bad Mexican food..I am totally serious here. We eat at Max & Erma's in the airport and I get very sick in our layover destination. We arrive at destination and Kaden catches a bad cold on the plane. Now, he seems to be improving and I have it 10-full. Today I am laid-up resting. I don't mind as our intent in coming over to visit our "family" was to allow them time with the wild child. I am honestly enjoying the peace and quiet. We have been rather busy and the rain hasn't stopped us one bit. Definitely much chillier then they even anticipated. We went to their seaside boardwalk yesterday. We also have visited the see and a lovely park where Kaden rode an electric train and we even tagged along. We have spent less time at manors and castles and more time in playgrounds. Hopefully our trip back doesn't land us in hospital. Having a lovely time, enjoying the company and definitely enjoying the wine!


dawn said...

Oh no! I guess Vaquero's is out for both of us now. I hope you have an uneventul trip home.

Kristen said...

Oh man... we all do have some great vacation luck, don't we?
Thinking of you all! Hope you are feeling better VERY soon!

~Mendie~ said...

The only way to get you to enjoy a relaxing vacation was to get sick! Poor thing! Wishing you a enjoyable rest of your vacation and safe trip home!