Friday, September 26, 2008

Watch for flying scales

I am about to go 12-rounds with my scale. I had taken on a few lbs since my aerobics class ended. Call it depression, sheer hunger, or tape worms as I like to say I came-up with any excuse that would allow french fries in my diet. The last two weeks I have been pretty good about my cardio routine looking and smelling like a pig when I leave the gym. I haven't stepped on the scale for about 1-week now. I figured I would have lost 2 or so lbs. Unfortunately, I did not lose any weight what-so-ever! Honestly I was about to go monkey nuts in the bathroom this morning. I literally made some adjustments to the scale (as I have added 3lbs to match the evil doctor office scales) dial pushing the +4-lbs back to +3lbs. Even without my PJ's I weigh the same. I had to take every will power of restraint to not throw my scale out the window. My husband, think he is helping said "maybe you are putting on muscle". I know he was trying to help but I almost went ninja on him as well.

I start my ultra water program this next week. I haven't swam since high school and I don't think 1-power hour is going to get me into Michael Phelps type shape. In fact I foresee many visits to he doctor for ear infections in the next few months. Regardless I need a break from Buffy the backside slayer. Never fails, every first week of aerobics my husband has to travel or in this case has a customer in town. Since he gets to miss tomorrow's lovely potty training festivities to go to the game, I have reminded him kindly that he is in charge of pick-up with our son on Tuesday as I have had this class booked now for 3-months. Maybe not so kindly, but there was no blood shed. I agreed to do the other two-days but I need to be there on Tuesday. Lord help him if he screws this one up!

In celebration of the scale results and the fact I this is the first Friday I have to work in September, I celebrated with a medium hot Cocoa (avec whipped cream) from Caribou. Take that scale! I have very little to do today other then a few measly projects. I will enjoy my Yo! on E radio show for all my celeb gossip and pray the day goes quickly. I will also take on much restraint to prevent online shopping or sleeping in my chair.

So in other news. I have to giggle, USC lost yesterday. I hope that nice fan on sports center kept that over rated sign he held-up at the OSU game..chuckle chuckle. Hopefully their fans can feel the next-day hangover pain or the walk-of-shame with that loss. Grand satisfaction kids!

Happy weekend to all! Except my scale, that piece of equipment can bite my big butt. Boy I wish I could afford liposuction and a trip to Aruba to celebrate!

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