Thursday, October 16, 2008

I really did marry my father

I have tried to fight the theory "girls marry their father" over the past 7-years. I am ready to give-in. I thinks things really clicked for me this weekend. Sure my Dad, like my husband would literally give the shirt off their back to anyone. but this weekend I received another "Come to Jesus lecture" regarding spending precisely as my Dad had done when I grew up. Although this time, my husband literally had a budget printed out to show my spending habits. I tried to defend it with "not going out to eat as much" but unfortunately SURVEY SAYS X! I felt like hanging my head in shame and immediately dove into a piece of fantastic ho ho cake my Mom had made. Luckily the filling and homemade icing took the pain away from the embarrassment and shame. I told my husband the bulls eye boutique has a sign when you enter that stated "Can not spend under $50 in this store regardless if you need a simple card". There is always something in the dollar bins that catch your eye. My son has so much of that stuff he has received as potty training rewards the toy box is over-flowing. Back to the conversation, my husband informs me we have some PRETTY BIG expenses coming next year with a possible new car needed and my sister's wedding. I also found out you can't claim Gymboree clothing expenses for son as absolute necessities as the boy has enough outfits to dress John & Kate's plus eight! So enough with the excuses, enough with the frivolous spending..cutting back. Santa is on a tight budget this year kids..don't send the elves hate emails or threatening letters (as I recall in my past pranks this is a federal offense). To all you budget crunchers out there, I feel your pain...try ho ho cake!

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Kristen said...

Hey - where has my favorite blogger gone? :)
I miss reading your posts :)