Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wow people do like my seriously what are you taking?

I have had a few questions about letting my blog lapse (maybe not an army of people but nice to be appreciated). Truth of the matter is, I try to keep this light and but I haven't had anything worth writing about. I don't know if it is an age thing but I don't think I am very funny lately. Ok, granted my company just laid-off 300 people last week in front of our eyes and I lost a few very dear people to me. Maybe it could be the mandatory salary cut I had. I wish I could even place the blame on my winter blues, But enough!!! I need to give my sour puss attitude a kick in the butt and try to get motivated to write again and entertain myself. I do have a topic I want to get off my chest...
This blog I call

Life is a big FAT money pit

Have you heard the saying in 3's. Usually it references people passing away, or pregnancies around the office. Well my 3's have to do with luck and superstition. Those who know me, understand my glass is only 1/2 full. I have always been pessimistic. I make a wonderful friend don't I? I guess 3 can also be considered the number of people I expect attending my funeral based on that information.

Honestly though. I will have a good day and I am certain the next day will be a bad day or the next week. I am the person who says to myself (usually in my head), if I make this shot into the trashcan xx will happen, if I miss the opposite. Well my 3's usually center around luck. If anyone gives us an estimate for a doctor bill or for repair service I can expect to pay the HIGH and most of the time beyond that. I managed to break my tooth on a conversation heart a few weeks back. The $.01 cent heart cost me $200 plus dollars for a partial crown. On top of paying that co-pay I got the agony of 2 dentist visits and Novocaine, Yippee paying for pain! Car repairs are the same for us. I expect to pay around $500 for a service and it is typically much more then that. My poor little cabrio is screaming for brakes and tires and I get to pick one. I figure one keeps me moving will probably win and hopefully the tree or the bumper of the car in front of me will help me stop. I rarely can go one day without spending a dime on something that we need for the car, the house, or a bill of some sorts. I still have a love for shopping but I have to be honest with my shopping mates, I have not bought any article of clothing or purse for my son or myself in quite a while. Unless you count pull-up's which we need to put a stop to real quick. Potty training since October and still no "big boy robot panties (yes that is what he calls them)" full-time.
So my bad luck tends to fall in my category of 3's and if I am on a hot luck streak I am always looking for the shoe to fall. Anyway, if you still want to be my friend I promise to add some more blogs but I can't promise funny or delightful, because well that isn't me or at least until the sun is shining and it is above 60-degrees. Or I am holding a the larger half of a wishbone and a rabbits foot in my hand.

Thanks for caring enough to let me know you missed me.


Stacy said...

Ok, so maybe my son doesn't carry a purse sorry about that. Bryon would flip..darn work for interrupting me while blogging!!!

Kristen said...

Yay - glad to see you back here! I've missed reading your posts.
This is YOUR blog... write how you want to and don't change. If things are down in the dumps, write that way. There is no expectation to be whimsical all the time :)

Mendie said...

You better know I'm one of the three!!!!