Monday, December 15, 2008

I am selfish when it comes to one thing at Christmas

I can honestly say it is better to give then receive at Christmas. I love giving that perfect gift at Christmas or that gift card that will go to good use. I like providing my parents with a gadget they would NEVER buy themselves or a night out they deserve. Although I have learned NEVER to go astray with my Mom...

However there is one thing I absolutely am selfish about at Christmas. I love my Christmas cards. I send out about 65- 70 cards per year. Many of them are not reciprocated (although I am tracking you) but I love finding cards that are unique and fun and trying to figure out the best way to highlight my son's year. Many of my cards I purchase on vacations or trips to add to the uniqueness. Unfortunately I remembered after I bought my cards in the UK, the square ones are double postage and you don't want to remind your friends yearly that they have to accept a card upon postage due. Not good form! I think that is one thing my generation lacks, correspondance through snail mail. I miss the days of unsolicitated mail like my Grandparents sent. I loved getting letters or cards from family and friends in college (unless you were like the guy I was dating from Harvard and corrected all my grammar and his letters would start "grammar be darned." What a loser, he is probably teaching some place like Brown now-poor guy- and is still declaring himself the grammar police!)

Yesterday we took a ride on the Polar Express with my train crazy son! He loves choo-choo trains. We sat next to this really great couple from Columbus and talked a bit on our journey to the North Pole. She said the funniest thing that just sticks in my head about selfish behavior. When we received our hot chocolate and cookies (just like the movie-without dancing though-very disappointed), she said "I don't share my cookies with anyone". This is after the Dad offered his cookie to the two boys we were provided with them.

There is a few things in my life I don't share with anyone other then emotions. I guess one of them is Christmas cards. I proudly display each of them on my door and a few of the photos of kids remain on my fridge year-round.

My family may disagree, but there isn't too much I am selfish about in my life. I figured if I am not let inside the Pearly Gates because of my Christmas Cards right away, it will be well-worth the wait!

Next post will be why I intend to be a better person in 2009 and some of my New Year's Resolutions.

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