Friday, March 27, 2009

Mom's wish was granted

From what my parent's told me, I was a good baby and child. I think my teenage years definitely made him lose his hair and cause many in the house, including the dogs their white hair! I recall my Mom saying someday I hope you have a child just like you (I must have been very bad at the time she said that) because apparently I now have the wild-man at school. In the last week I have been told my son has bit, pushed, kicked and has an odd obsession with scissors and isn't progressing quickly. As a child who rarely was in trouble at school I was defeated, I had tears welling in my eyes after being confronted by the teacher at school. I immediately called Bryon and told him "call the school director and make an appointment and plan on searching out a new school shortly". We spent the weekend shopping for CRAP (how my son says craft) supplies. I am leery about scissors in the first place but found he quite enjoyed cutting paper and gluing. I was surprised. He has an attention span of a flea but managed to sit still for over 10-minutes doing "crap". The meeting with the director went surprisingly well this week. Actually, over-all this week was pretty good for this sophisticated lady. I am sure I jinxed myself but I will take the few days of good luck I have had. Hopefully we will continue doing "crap" at home and my son won't be marked with the scarlet letter for much longer..then we will move to 100% potty trained right? Baby step. If this doesn't work, I need to either enroll him in ultimate fighting classes now or reserve a cell at the county jail!

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