Tuesday, March 24, 2009

C'est La Vie

I think the best approach to have on life is c'est la vie. I think if I could be remembered by anything in my life it will be the terms c'est la vie.

Last week was mal (thanks to all those years of French this is the only pieces I remember). When I look back on it it made me laugh how sick to my stomach I was with worry. I truly think my ulcer will be arriving shortly due to the amount of worrying I do (or the diet coke I drink). This week thus far hasn't been so bad, but I don't want to jinx myself as of yet. I think I had my breaking point yesterday and literally hit the last straw and couldn't worry about anything else in my life.
My director here at work is pregnant and has a doctor appointment today and the weigh-in. To me, nothing is WORSE then that weight in. I would wear the lightest close, take off my shoes. I would shed every layer I could before getting on that scale! I was in hysterics laughing about that today. Here I come loony bin!

I decided to add some more important things I want to share with my son someday, a little Mom wisdom:

1) Always hold the door for women and even other men-that is just RUDE!
2) Always get the car door for women
3) You can retake a test but never repeat last night (maybe won't share that with him until after college)
4) Unlike your Mom don't trust everyone in your life because chances are you will get stabbed in the back more times you can count
5) You took FAR too long to potty train
6) Your stubbornness is from your father
7) Your fashion sense is from your mother
8) Please and Thank you for EVERYTHING
9) Don't drive like an idiot like all the other people around me
10) I will be monitoring your facebook and myspace accounts
11) C'est La Vie my dear boy!!

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