Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here is some vitamin "T" my love..have a nice day!

I had a pretty bad case of the flu this past weekend. After getting a rather late start to my slumber I was awaken by some terrible coughing coming from my bedroom (I tend to shift to the couch when my back bothers me). Oh no! I spread my germ love onward! My husband who never is sick caught this horrible virus that brought me to the brink of death. He finally shuffles out front for some ginger ale about 5:00 and asks me to take the boy to daycare. Let's see flu score: flu bug: 2
healthy immune system: 1


Today would have been the perfect day for monkey man (loving term for son) to be sick, I don't have a lot going on at work today and I could still make it to aerobics tonight. But karma never works like that for me. Tomorrow's are my absolute WORST day of the week (as far as being busy) and Thursdays aren't too far behind. So I wake him up this morning, feel his head..a little warm but not too bad. I give him a dose of vitamin "T" and send him on his merry way. I know what you are thinking, a good Mom would prevent the other kids from catching the virus at day care but he truly did not show any signs and chances are he will be home two days later in the week. Trust me, I have seen parents bring their kids in with spots on them watch them cough-up lungs we try not to do that to our day care. So, I know I am not up for parent of the day today, but can you prevent the inevitable? Besides, I have the cell phone next to me, waiting patiently and unwillingly for that call to come and get him.

Here is hoping all of you stay healthy in this warm weather!

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