Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Add this to the How to Dress a Moron Check List

I can't tell you how many times I have left the house with two different color socks. I consistently wear my shirt inside out. Those size stickers on the outside of shirts, worn to numberous events and business meetings. Holes in pants, spots on clothes, deodorant whites on shirts-check, check, check! Have you ever worn a pair of pants come to find as you are walking down the hall at work that some how you had some stow away panties that have made it's way down your pant leg and on the floor for everyone to see (CHECK)? I have also left the house with two different color shoes (at least of the same style)

Today takes the cake on fashion faux pas and pure stupidity! I was running late (as usual) and when I made my way towards work on the horrific commute, I noticed that I didn't have the same support I typically have in my torso region. Now typically I wouldn't notice because I must have bypassed the well-endowed chest line for the large bum and tree trunk thighs line when God put together the blue prints for my body composure. As I looked down to find my water bottle, I noticed I wasn't wearing a bra under my white shirt (and today was not the wet t-shirt contest at work- my mistake). As I tried not to swerve off the road from shock, (I luckily caught this close to home) I was able to turn around and remedy the situation. If I had been much further I would just have to tell people I am protesting gas prices and burnt it on the way here.

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Kristen said...

Oh that's a great one Stacey! Glad you caught it before you got to work. LOL!
I'm in South Padre on vacation. Got here Sunday night and would you believe we are getting evacuated because of Hurricane Dolly? Seriously... can I pick vacations, or what?