Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Off the shopping.. moving on to health care costs

Have you ever had one of those days where you knew things were going to go down hill fast? Today is one of those days. I should have absolutely no reason to complain today, the sun is out, I am getting a lot accomplished working from home, and I am down to one more appointment before I sweat like a pig in aerobics class.
Why am I in this "funk"? I think it started with a girl at the eye doctor this morning. Tech Ratchet demanded my insurance card and when I told her I didn't have a vision card she said in a snotty voice "your medical insurance card". OK Miss attitude, I didn't realize you needed my medical card at a vision place! Anyway, had my eye exam and of course my eyes became worse (any worse and I will need to enroll at the school of the blind). So instead of giving me my white cane with red tip, (got that question right on my drivers license test- why can I remember that and not remember my prescription to get a blood draw..more on that later) I had to buy new glasses and contacts. Seriously what is the point of vision insurance? I really think I should suck-up the cost and just move to laser correction because this $600 per-year is killing me! Anyway, once I had my exam the lady who attempted to sell me some coach frames (mind you I would rather be caught dead then in my glasses ) informs me they only did a frame exam and I need to pay the non-covered insurance cost for the contact exam as well. So after seeing the doctor who told me he would swap eye care for a chance to play my company's golf course (why didn't I think of that originally, I would have GLADLY done that once I saw the bill) sat me back down for a 3 minute exam to the tune of another $60. Seriously the cost is all relative at this point ( I even offered to wash dishes in the back, but alas, they go out for lunch- but it did make her laugh). Yesterday I wanted to move off the shopping sauce, but not into a pit of health care costs! $600 later (after the lack of insurance covers a small portion) I am a proud owner of new glasses and new contacts (neither which I left with in-hand). I leave there and en route to get another lovely blood draw I notice I forgot my insurance slip. I bypass the blood draw and go to Kroger where they seem to have lost my prescription. At this point you would think I would have jumped over the counter and slayed some pharmacy techs. However, being mentally stable (questionable) I sustained. I walked around the store and picked-up a few odds and ends and will go back this afternoon. Luckily I get to go back out today and have my blood draw (one of my favorite things to do), pick-up a Chipotle GC for one of my many birthday (avoiding the urge to order chips and salsa or a bowl-no rice-no beans-just chicken..we don't go there enough do we?), go back to Kroger, and prepare for my Nazi aerobics class tonight. Doesn't it bother you when your aerobics teacher talks about dieting and she is a size zero (if that)? She irritates me enough where I want to put her head on a spit by the end of the cardio portion on the class but talking about dieting makes me dislike her that much more! Actually she is the nicest lady in the world (which urks me)!

Oh-as an update from yesterday's shopaholic admittance- I am going to have to delay my rehab visit until I pick-up my goods from the Cheryl's bake sale. I will have you know, I do not eat those myself, I buy the dough balls for last minute picnics/parties and give the packaged cookies as gifts (well except the cut-out cookies-b/c as the transporter of goods, I earned 1 or 2 of those). Not my fault!! The sale is only yearly!! Rehab delayed by 2-days...no signs of withdrawl as of yet, although maybe health care money pit has be a bit sick to my stomach on any sort of spending right now!

Off to my blood draw!

Here is another reason to drink!

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