Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Use Tiffany's name in vain

As a Catholic, I feel I have the obligation to attend sanctuary and worship only one God.
As a shopper I completely follow the same beliefs. A few months back we were taking my son on a trip over to Easton to ride the trolley and play in the fountains. When we went over to watch the sailboats in another fountain and glimpsed across the pond to see the heavens unfold and the clouds part. Could it be? Am I reading the sign right? A Tiffany's in Columbus Ohio? I immediately looked at my husband who shook his head in disbelief. As he groaned at the site of the new complex I looked at him square in the eye and said "hey, at least you don't have to pay for a flight to Vegas, or pay shipping charges now".
What is it about that store that brings me to my knees and do unspeakable chores around the house? Is it the Elsa Pereti collection I so adore? Is it the signature collection or the clock collection? I truly think it has more to do with receiving that little blue box. Thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. Christmas came early my friends!!
The only reason I mention that is I have a birthday coming around the corner (unfortunately) and soon Christmas will be here and instead of that new camera we desperately need, my devotion to my "little blue box" will probably get the better judgement of me.
I will remind you as I do my husband, at least the collections I do like are the cheapest in the lot throughout the store, so I am not all bad... And remember, Thou shalt not use Tiffany's name in vain!

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