Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There is NOTHING Cool about going to the BMV

Today I had the pleasure of getting my driver's license renewed. Like every other idiot in there I should have read the website for policies and procedures because I went there blind unsuspecting of such a long wait not knowing if I needed proof of insurance or simply my old card. I mean, I had my lipstick with me in attempt to take a some what decent mug shot, what more could you need? However, what the website can't prepare you for is the people who always tend to be at the BMV. Clearly some of the conversations I overheard while checking my myspace account (does NO CELL PHONES signs posted also include Internet usage??) was no only inappropriate, but would also make Jerry Springer guests seem like geniuses. For example, this rather LOUD character informing some innocent bystander her story about her son "beating some one's ass" for picking on some 12-year-old girl. Although it could be justified, the details were clearly too graphic for the bystander to take. I could tell by her eyes she was saying "save me" . I thought for a second about changing the conversation and found it more appealing to look at my hairdresser's photos from her wedding. The character on my other side looks like he hitched-up his horse outside and had the tightest wranglers I have ever seen in my life. He felt it necessary to moan the entire time about the 45 minute wait (maybe if he traded his horse in for a blackberry he too could be on myspace stalking his friends and acquaintances and not be so bored). I know most of the people there looked like some caught-red-handed criminals on To Catch a Predator, but were they thinking the same about me?
After you spend your hard-time in Carni-ville, you get this lovely piece of $24 plastic (mind you they don't take credit card-who doesn't take credit card??? McDonalds even takes credit card!!) with an absolutely horrible picture that I will dread showing anyone for the next 4-years. Pray my days of being carded are behind me! Maybe I will purposely lose it and go again through this torture after I get "glammed-up". Then again, who am I kidding, the one trait I got from my Dad was the ability to lose EVERYTHING, I guarantee I will be back in the nut house they call the BMV very soon not by choice!

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Kristen said...

LOL - you crack me up.
Hey - what kind of phone do you have these days?