Monday, July 14, 2008

Confessions of a shopaholic

It's official, I am no longer in denial, I am a shopaholic. I was given strict instruction I need to cut-back this month so we can attempt to create a savings account and I have done the polar opposite. I shopped! My son has so many clothes there are times he doesn't even wear them before he out grows them. I can never send him into daycare in the clothes I buy as he typically comes home looking as if he had an amazing food fight (and lost) or rolled in dirt the entire day (I wouldn't doubt).
When it comes to shopping I don't always come home with bags of loot, sometimes I will walk away from a bargain and it will fester on me until I go back and make the purchase. 9 out of 10 times it is GONE so then I live with the regret.
I will say I did inherit from my Mother the sense of bargain shopping. I don't pay full price for much of anything but I still spend money.
I am starting my recovery plan TODAY. This means, no running into Target for baby wipes and coming out with $50 worth of "who knows what" (can anyone leave Target for under $50). No more Tuesday mark-down's at Von Maur for this shopper. Goodbye online bargains and eBay. This woman is going straight to shopper rehab and locking the doors inside the house!! Unlike some celeb bimbos into drug rehab, my plan is to go rehab and totally recover!
My life is chalk full of birthdays this month as well, so it will be a true test to see if I can go buy gifts and not come out with anything for myself, my son, or my husband.
I am certain my MasterCard (that typically smokes from so much usage) will need a break from exhaustion. I am also sure the MasterCard people will send flowers as they will think I am gravely ill. However, I am up for the challenge!
God forbid I get son and I will be the best dressed homeless people on the block but we will still be homeless!! Meanwhile my husband will be inside the cardboard box yelling "I TOLD YOU SO"... He will then trade all his Lucky Brand shirts to buy a combination lock to keep me out of the only shelter we have!


Kristen said...

LOL - Oh Stacey... I have been there. After college I was a true shopaholic too, and I still get the itch to get back into it. It is a hard one to break.

One thing I did was have money free days. Start slow with 1 day and then move to 2-3 days that you cannot spend any amount of money. No lunchtime soda, no "quick wipe" trips (and yes... banning Target from my life was a requirement for awhile!).
Anyway - I'm here to support you dear! :)

Dawn said...

I say we share a room at the shopaholics rehab clinic to save some money (that we can later spend at LUCKY!)

Anonymous said...

Stacy- What the heck are you doing up at 4:30am?!?!?!?!?!? I hope not on-line shopping! Just kidding. I would like to say, that I will join you in your crusade against spending $$... but I know myself, it won't last! Good luck in your efforts to cut back.