Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Every year I typically task my husband with the impossible to find Christmas gifts. In years past it has ranged from a Furbee to an Xbox. This past year I asked my husband for a Wii and a digital picture frame. I had been talking the Wii up for quite a while figuring he would take the hint and get the Wii. Well, needless to say WE did not get the Wii. I did get a lovely digital picture frame I display at work I endearing term my "Wii frame". Well with some help from my sister-in-law my son gave me a Wii for my birthday. I was ecstatic! I wouldn't say I am a video game junkie but I can see how kids can quickly become addicted. We even have my two-year-old asking to play "bayball" on the Wii now (way to start a bad habit early-add that to my mother ballot check list).
On Saturday, our techie friends had us over to play Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and FIT. Luckily they didn't kick us out of the house after we destroyed their band with our horrible attempts at singing and playing the drums...Trust me these are the kind of friends everyone needs, they are so much fun, they have a boat, they enjoy the same restaurants, have the coolest electronics, and are two of the most friendly and fun people you will ever meet! If we want to have a few drinks and a good time, we call them (and then have to pay them handsomely to use the term "friends- I think we are way behind on those payments due to Wii investments)

Anyway, I decided prior to owning a Wii that I wanted the FIT but after seeing it "in action" I had to have it. Nintendo has not commissioned write this (but I will accept all donations including Rock Band, and Aerosmith games) but I love my Wii and my Mii. So yesterday my husband found a FIT package and snagged it (I am surprised he still did that for me as we had a "discussion" earlier that day that did not end well). Anyway, after aerobics I put my son to bed a bit earlier then usual (much needed Mii time-again Mom award-selfish-check!) and jumped on the Wii! I have to say it is much more difficult then I imagined it to be and believe it or not I am a little more sore then I was after aerobics class. So after the Wii assessed myself as a 47-year-old female (bite me Wii), I tried a few games. I decided I can't hula hoop, I can't ski jump, I can't step, and I can't yoga..well actually I am still trying to decide what I can do...but eventually I can do something! The point is I had fun! I think my husband had fun too. In all reality that is the most amount of bonding we have done since Halo came out and we played that until the wee hours of the morning. So I need to write a letter to Nintendo, thank them for saving my marriage.
So here is today's lessons:
1.Make sure you have a few friends who are very technologically equipped, good at both rock band and guitar hero, own a boat, and like to drink-key to sanity
2. Teach your 2 1/2 year-old to play video games, will provide much needed distraction time for you to do other things and not listen to Go Go (Diego) or Einsteins all the time (warning you may have to help him restart the game-we haven't got him to that level yet, but I assure you, this will happen before potty training).
3. Get a Wii, you will thank me and you too can create your Mii and you both start an eternal bond (yes I need to now create clone friends)
4. After you play Wii fit, enjoy some Cheetos (as I see it you cancel it out after the hard work out you did with your fitness instructor). Your mii will need some energy for tomorrow!

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Kristen said...

Oh you got a Wii! Now, do you see why when we were in AZ my arms were killing me? Too much tennis!
I love Fit.. we also have Playground Games and American Idol and some other fun ones. Would be a blast to bring it on our next cruise ;)