Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday.

Today's my birthday and I am another year older. There is absolutely nothing funny about that what-so-ever. But I have a few stories to tell, pull up a chair, grab your bag of chip/salsa and help me celebrate another year closer to death:
  • Turn on the news today to see there is a hurricane quickly approaching Texas. Now that really is in no way funny but if had a bit of history you would understand. My husband and I met a few really great people on (almost) 9-years ago who were on their honeymoon (call us honeymoon crashers). We all became very FAST friends and try to communicate as much as possible (not as much as we should). We have had a few reunions since our vacation but the best memory I have is our trip to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. I think my husband had the actual hours but we were not in our lovely house for more then 48. We had heard a storm was coming but thought it would die-off. We hit the grocery store and had a lovely dinner out that night and had bought plenty of liquor and food for the neighboring 4-cities. Our friends (the ones currently stranded in Texas-sans les husband) had bought all the groceries to compensate our alcohol purchases. The next morning we made breakfast and looked out the window and saw some neighboring houses boarding-up the windows(..hmm good sign we should get out of dodge?) We reluctantly figured we should call the rental property to see if we should leave. Long story short we had to leave. We tried to cook various meals as our last supper together. The boys were all excited because they were able to throw every piece of furniture including the grill into the pool. I think Sally Struthers would have cried to see all the food we had to throw away during our evacuation process. Doing the logical thing our friends packed-up their son and their rental and headed back to the airport, all of us in tears. The other two couples crammed into this hotel room down in South Carolina and tried to make the best of a vacation going from a 4-star home to a 2-star (at best) hotel (hey it did have a lazy river which was very nice..and you were never in your room..and I got to stop at the Piggly Wiggly-SOLD). Anytime you get the group of us together some disaster seems to happen (typically revolving in over-indulging in the "sauce"-aka alcohol). Funny thing is, typically it is the men? We then took that vacation juju and spent my honeymoon stuck in Hawaii due to the terrible 9-11 incident. I know what you are saying-cry me a river..Unfortunately it isn't very much fun when your hotel is charging full price and you don't have much money left to your name (considered calling Red Cross at one point-Capital One appreciates us not doing so). So the key is NOT to vacation when any of us vacation or tag along with us. The other little tip is travel insurance-buy it-love it! I have used it twice now! So to my friend down on vacation..hold on to the light pole when the wind blows you over! In addition for any future vacations: NONE OF US CAN CHOSE THE DATE, we consult a psychic or meteorologist. If you haven't heard enough about these couples, don't worry I am sure there are plenty more stories to tell in later blogs

  • I have some really great friends at work. I came in this morning and found my office decorated nice (change from the days where people took my keys off my keyboard and re-arranged the letters or dumped the hole punches all over my desk). They had donuts to celebrate and a few of my closer friends bought me some candy and gifts. You know these people know me well when much to my surprise they had catered in Chipotle chips and salsa for me at lunch. So the key to some one's heart is food. For me it is chips salsa!! Oh yes-diet starts again tomorrow!

  • I am totally not WITH it today! I think it is the sugar high mixed with those yummy chips. I continue to send out emails without attachments. I am absolutely aloof! One of my vendors asked me if I had a few too many today already (I wish). I can't seem to get my act together!

So enjoy your day, celebrate quietly with a nice drink, your chips your salsa. Relish in the fact, although I am a ditz in any form of communication, I did remember all undergarments today!

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Kristen said...

I hope you had a nice birthday, Stacy! Your gift is on the way... hope you like it :)