Monday, July 7, 2008

I want to be Carrie Bradshaw but I am more of Mary Poppins

I have two parts of my life. I have these glamours dreams and expensive tastes and the nanny life. Take some time to ask my husband why our bank account is non-existent and he will point you to a closet full of shoes or designer purses. I try to justify it with my full-time career, but now that I have a backyard that needs a swing set and my brilliant idea to have my husband slaving over a pond less waterfall in 90-degree heat, I need to give-up my champagne wishes and caviar dreams and accept the fact I am now Mary Poppins. We aren't talking the sweet Julie Andrews version but a definitely less sophisticated version. In order to get my son to clean after he makes a horendous mess (how is that possible in less then 1/2 hour) I need to sing this clean-up song he sings at daycare I do not know the words (nor care to learn). In additon to my nanny skills, I find myself singing Disney songs in the car and not realize they continue to play my ENTIRE trip to work. When I worked at the Disney store I could sing every song to the Lion King, now I must admit I can not only sing it, but recite all the words.
I have a few girlfriends (you know who you ya, mean it) where I will cherish my time at childless dinners, or times by the pool reading gossip magazines, drinking far too much wine, or simply going for a pedicure. I still read-up on my celeb gossip, hot fashions, and home interior trends. But at the end of the day the Burberry purses US weekly subscription have to be substituted with dance lessons swing sets, and killing my husband off slowly with these projects to do in the 90-degree heat.
Next post will likely be a singles ad and I will be longing to be Samantha Jones instead!

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