Friday, August 1, 2008

Things you Ponder when you should be sleeping.

Have you ever spent time wondering about a lot of silly stuff? Before bed my mind tends to race and analyze everything under the sun before I finally fall asleep. Here are some of the things I think about I finally wrote down (and you think you are a worry wart?):

* Did I charge my phone?
*Do I have gas-and if so=where is the cheapest place to go?
* Do I know where my car keys are (chances are very low so I go through where my keys can be without getting up)?
*What am I going to make for dinner tomorrow?
*Do I really want to get out of bed to go the bathroom again?
*Did my son brush his teeth-Did I?
*Where is the nail polish and body cream?

This is when the Tylenol PM kicks in and I get loopy:

*When they changed the laundry soap to a more concentrated bottle is the concentration really changed or have we been duped?
*Why are fountain diet cokes so much better at McDonalds then any other fast food joint? I finally had an answer, McDonalds actually does have a formula and someone who analyzes it on a daily basis-but that is so cool!
*Do other people really exist in my life or is it simply unless I interact with them are they really there-totally Twilight Zone right?
*Does it take more energy to recycle a water bottle then it does to run my re-usable bottles in the dishwasher?
*Whom did I upset today and need to apologize to tomorrow?
*Did I turn my heater off at work, and if not, will they be able to trace the fire back to my heater when I burn down the building?
*You can use the exact same hair products and irons your hair dresser uses and yet your hair still never looks as it does in the salon. Same goes for pedicures, facials, make-overs , and waxing too-just kidding?

*Surely I can't always be wrong-but according to my husband I am :)

*Whatever happened to sending letters and cards in the mail, all I receive now are bills and credit card applications?! I am starting a trend-more love notes to each of you!

*When you want rain to water the flowers it never comes, but when you plan an outdoor activity it rains?

*what am I going to w...zzzzzzzz

And finally I am asleep until 2am and it starts all over again!

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