Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh that is so not my son...

Yesterday my son started his first swim lessons where we were not interacting with him in the water. The poor young life guards didn't know what hit them. First they started off in a pool with the fountain and had to rodeo the kids who were distracted by the fountain. Finally they moved to the other pool to start the lessons. I believe the ratio was 4 kids to every lifeguard in the pool. The lifeguards would individually work with each child as to back floats and front floats and expect the children to wait against the wall until it was their turn (big mistake). Each kid took their turn getting out of the pool and trying to wonder back to the fountain pool. Parent after parent would wonder up the the pool, place their kid back on the wall and give them a stern lecture. My kid however, had 4 lectures in the course of 10-minutes by his Dad (I was too busy laughing by the bush). The kids had a good time retrieving dive sticks under the water. My son who does have a way of outwitting the competition would wait for them to throw the dive sticks and retrieve them before they sunk to the bottom (from bathroom inspector Survivor contestant). The best part of the 1/2-hour class is when they were working on blowing bubbles. All the kid seem to have it down pat, well maybe not the girl who clung to the ladder the entire time or the girl who sat on the ledge and cried (who happens to be my neighbor's daughter). My son would lick the water like a dog. He can not blow bubbles (lack of coordination from Mom's side). I know what you are thinking, isn't a 2 1/2 year-old a little too young for swim lessons. I don't expect him to be the next Michael Phelps (raise your hand if you are excited for the Olympics like I am), but I think everyone should be able to swim well enough to save their own lives. Eventually I hope he can tread water and swim a lap or two but for now, I will take bubble blowing over lapping the pool water (baby steps). I will let you know how swim lessons progress. Even better, we plan on enrolling him in dance classes in the fall? My husband's mother is a dance teacher, so from the dance genes he was born with, we expect GREAT things ;)

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