Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do I have too high of expectations?

I fear I have such high expectations for things and then am crushed when it doesn't "play out" as my mind pictures it to be. This ranges from vacation plans - cooking dinner. I am not sure how to change my outlook to not be so let-down when things don't work-out all the time. As I have established I am a planner, so much of my life is planned out that I am lost when I don't have plans for the weekend on Monday or Tuesday. In addition to cutting expenses I need to to not over-analyze everything in my life.
Now that I am over my who Zen strategy and new "me". Let's discuss some of these scenarios
Same holds true with men. I have such ridiculous high expectations for the men in my life that no romance novel hero can live up to. I guess it is a wonder I found somebody to actually marry me. If I had to right some rules for men they would go as follows.
*Don't curse around kids
*Shut the toilet seat lid
*Wash your hands
*If I am back in a room relaxing and the house has two bathrooms-use the one not in the room I am relaxing in
*If I am having a bad day don't start in on me, let me be
*If I am having a bad day try a hug or a card
*Yes, I still like cards and flowers
*I lose everything, and chances are I am going to need help finding it
*Tell me how pretty I look even when we know I just don't
*Take us on surprise trips, even if it is just to get ice cream or a park, maybe pack a picnic as a surprise
*Try to get the car door for ladies
*Ice cream cake makes a wonderful breakfast treat, cold pizza does not
*The smell and sounds of vomit make me gag and vomit, don't expect me to come running to help out, however a little empathy when I am sick is mandatory
*If I give you a few options to eat, choose one of them..I have never been to "I don't care"
*Love and appreciate by good sense of stylish handbags
*After I drop some mad-money on my hair-tell me it looks nice
*Dead grass and dead flowers never look nice, it is OK for you to water sometimes too
*Woman require more then 5-pair of flip flops
*Shorts and tennis shoes are never very fashionable-try flip flops yourself
*I make financial sacrifices too-example-haven't had a professional pedicure in 2-months!
*I would rather you listen to Metallica then the talk radio and political stuff, it ages you and warps your mind
*Yearly vacations are mandatory or this loving wife will reside in a mental institution-hard to sweep the house from there!
*Using phrases such as "you are right, we will get through this together, and I AM SORRY" will score you brownie points. Flipping situations always to be my fault will only enrage my inner beast.
*History Channel, Fox News, and Discovery Channel do not constitute you as an expert nor make you "cool" by watching
*If underwear has holes or older-GET RID OF THEM
*Navy does not go with light color jeans

As you can see, I have some high expectations when it comes to men. My husband doesn't follow many of them, but he is wonderful just the same.

OMG- it is only 10:00 shoot me now!

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