Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh summer where have you gone?

'Tis a brisk August morning with my coat on shivering my way into work. Back-up..August..I say? Yes, it is Freezing in August. Unlike many people, I like summer. I like the activities that go with summer, picnics, bike rides, amusement parks, pool visits, vacations, love it all! I like fall now that I don't have to go back to school myself but during my days as a student fall=dooms day. On top of being cold, can you believe it is already mid-August? Where did this summer go? Everyone warned me when I have a child time flies by but they are right not only has this summer flown by, over 2 1/2 years of my son's life have flown by. There are days I wish I could just take the hour glass that is my life and just turn it sideways. There are other days I just wish I could hit fast-forward and get through the day, crawl into bed and pretend it never happened. Ever-so-often I may even have a day that I will treasure living over-and-over again in my mind. Maybe it is me, but usually those days revolve around vacations or holidays. In fact all of them neither involve work or working out.
Back to my point- come back summer, I miss you. Pretty soon I will be fighting the snow and getting estimates to get my car repaired from sliding on ice. Summer I adore you! Snow and Ice-I would like to fast-forward those times.

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