Monday, August 18, 2008

I am sans child and hubby and what am I doing to celebrate?

So my son is down with his grandparents in Greenville enjoying all the fried food and sugar he can handle. For now he is due to return on Friday evening. I placed bets with my husband they could call on Wednesday and want us to get him Thursday night (just a hunch). My husband decided to meet some old co-workers at a baseball game! BONUS! NO DINNER COOKING!! I can have my cereal and toast tonight!! So to celebrate, what have I done since I have been home from a LOVELY (sarcasm big time) day at work:
With a nice glass of wine dancing in my pink pj's? Am I playing with my guitar hero game my sister-in-laws got me for my birthday....NOPE!
1) Went to the gym and sweat out 1/4 of the calories I ate at the fair this weekend. Did look and smell very attractive when I crawled to my car.
2) Watered my flowers as I have become the angel of death in the floral department
3) Cleaned my car...note to self need to add shop vac to Christmas list-makes odd sounds and smell like it is on fire
4) Cleaned son's closet-don't think he can fit into 6-month clothing any longer, not sure why it continues to hang there? Found more clothes he may never wear due to sizing variance..need to rethink any shopping I need to do to enhance his wardrobe and maybe refocus on mine ;)
5) Gathered clothes for upcoming trip for son-no worries, he is covered on clothing for the next two-weeks (even if he wears 5-outfits a-day)
6) Finally can't stand my stench and shower
7) Watch Olympics yet again...
8) I am worse then Martha Stewart, in fact she would thunk me in the head and tell me to get out and enjoy. I am not even The Brady Mom (name slips my mind), I am Alice from the Brady's. I clean...pretty soon I will get a visit from Sam the butcher. Hey, at least it gives me something to look forward to later tonight!
I am pathetic...tomorrow, I am going out if it kills me.

Quick Survey: Is anyone else having a hard time getting up in the morning when it is dark out?

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Kristen said...

So, are you a compulsive cleaner? I had no idea!
Enjoy the week without the kiddos. I'm a tad bit jealous, I will say!