Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do onto others as you would want done onto you..

I have just about had it with customer service lately. I work in retail, I know at my company we literally (no seriously I have seen this done in meetings) bend over backwards to appease our customers. However it frustrates me to no-end that not every company takes this approach. For instance in June we purchased an Archos video unit that stores DVD's into a base unit and you can watch or jump onto the Internet about any place. Concept is easy, think, DVD player without the DVD's. Well, we received the unit in June and the battery power only lasted about 5-hours on the first use. Upon calling CS (crud service as I call it) they ask us to return the unit. 1-month later we receive a poorly packaged unit that was also damaged by UPS. The unit was received back on 7/24 and since such date we have been arguing with a confrontational customer service agent manager Yolanda (who I affectionately term Satan's wife) about sending us a call-tag for the unit so we can get a new replacement unit. We have spoke to UPS about the claim and I turned it over to my passive husband. I filed a complaint last week with the BBB after we were made promises the unit would ship, or the call tag will come via email, or basically telling us we were WRONG. Yesterday I saw a side of my passive husband I hope to never see again. Once again the call tag was not issued again yesterday. As I spoke with my manager on the phone last evening about that day's events, I see my husbands "hair on-fire" staring at me to get off the phone. When I did I found that he took the information from the BBB page and called the SVP directly (on his MOBILE) and asked this be taken care of PROMPTLY. Of course the SVP asked him to call some other guy (who I know will forever regret being thrown under the bus by Mr. SVP) . My husband (whom I wish he would use such determination to clean or do some laundry) called Mr. Scape Goat today and stated he would call every 1/2 hour to try to reach him. Soon after his 2-3rd call a CS agent called and told him a re manufactured unit (don't get me started brand new=re manufactured??) would be shipped to us today (I will believe it when I see it..don't get excited-3rd time I heard that), and he would check on it before he left for vacation (hm mm imagine that-leaves for vacation today). We leave for our much anticipated vacation in 3-weeks, if we don't have the unit by then I have a feeling Mr. Scapegoat and Mrs. Satan will live to regret crossing my passive husband. Keep your fingers crossed (or pray this does not end in me asking for bail money for Mr. passive).
Bottom line- we are pretty reasonable honest people here. We know we are the underdog in the situation but I feel cooperation is key. If you work in the CS field, the customer is always right (not until proven otherwise like the court-of-law). Also, be sure to check out the BBB before making large purchases, if we would have done our research we would have found out the company had an "F" rating. From what I remember from elementary school (which is not much besides when the bell rings you go to the next class, and chewing gum isn't allowed) "F" means fail and you have to repeat the class. Apparently it also means "F" ailure to respond to customer service issues and customer should be warned!

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