Tuesday, August 12, 2008

U-S-A U-S-A! Viva Olympic Coverage

If I seem tired and distracted I apologize. I have Olympic fever! I had some really great stuff to blog about lately (despite a desperate plea from some "stranger" on my voice mail begging me not to blog about the 3 different messages she left on my phone as it continued to time out on her-that is all I will write about that promise!!). I get oddly patriotic and so disappointed for our country men such as the synchronized dive team as they fall to 5th after knocking on a door to bronze.. I get angry when I see teams such as China nailing every single twist and turn in gymnastics. I also am disappointed to see other teams such as Australia or the "Red Coats" get beat in a close match as well. The one sport I have enjoyed thus far is swimming. I love to hear the trash talking by other nations and then being swept under the rug. I love hearing how much Michael Phelps eats for breakfast every day. I am obsessed! My dream is to attend an Olympic event, I have HUGE aspirations to attend a few events some point in my life. If I (heaven forbid) were diagnosed with a fatal illness, I would want to travel to an Olympic event. I know the UK is hosting the Olympics next correct? I asked my husband if we could maybe go to those games and also visit our gracious hosts (we intend to see in a few weeks). Unfortunately with our "wild child" in tow on this trip, my husbands doubt we will ever been invited back (any thoughts on good apology gifts to bring is appreciated). So I will continue to dream....Unless shopping ever became an Olympic event, I will never have the ability to compete. I watch those nations march in the opening ceremonies thinking just how lucky they are. I picture myself on the medal stand crying when they play the national anthem (and hugging the other nations as if I didn't just beat them 15-minutes prior). In my post medal ceremony I would say to the reporters "I am so proud to be an American, I had my eye on this purse now for 3-months waiting for it to go on sale, when it did, I fended off vixen after vixen for it and it is mine. I have trained practically all my life and owe this to my bargain shopping Mom. I would like to thank my sponsor Master Card who is also very glad to share this honor and earn interest on my payments over the rest of my life"...

So go USA! As a Phelps "Phan" I hope Michael continues to sweep all those medals and the girls softball team proves they deserve an Olympic sport. I will continue to ask why I don't see American judges in sports and why CHZ always gives China perfect "10's" on every event. I will continue to cheer for the UK and Australia (unless they get close in the medal count or go against the US athletes). I will continue my sleepless nights watching ping-pong and badminton in hopes for a glimpse of beach volleyball or a medal ceremony (I have yet to see).

Luckily once these games are over, I will have OSU football to look forward to watching. Otherwise I would definitely put me on suicide watch, mind you, poke me a few times before you throw me into the ground, I could just be exhausted from 24-hour Olympic coverage.

Just as a side note my future swimming Olympian (ha ha) did 1/2-way decent in class yesterday. I think we only had to tell him 4-times to listen to the teacher and go back to the wall with the other kids. We still lap the water but he did do ice cream scoop arms (swim stroke)! Much to the dismay of my husband, (being football Saturdays and crushing his 100% tailgating hopes *for every game* hello, you have an off-spring now, not going to happen!!!) , he is repeating the class in the fall on Saturday mornings. He also is going to start taking a dance class 8/27! The boy just gives me so much material to write about already be prepared for a GREAT fall BLOG unless I get distracted by OSU football coverage!

Off to check the medal count!

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