Friday, March 27, 2009

Only on Fridays

I am a practicing Catholic. This means I carry so much guilt around in my life I have ulcer scares monthly. It also means I can't have meat on Friday's during Lent-or chocolate as I give it up as my Lenten sacrifice. I am not a huge carnivore to begin with. I quite like vegetables and any sort of red in my meat makes me cringe. I don't like touching raw meat or preparing any dish with meat included. I made bacon a few months back and found there to be pig hairs still on the bacon. I am just starting to eat bacon again after the incident. However, thinking about it makes me gag. The only time I crave meat is Lenten Fridays. The only time I crave chocolate is Lent. Bryon's family informed me Sundays are exceptions for Lenten promises and it all ends Saturdays before Easter at noon. At first I agreed because a peanut butter egg tastes so good (why are those ten times better then the other cups you can get year-round-even the pumpkins and the trees) and I couldn't wait another day. Now I figure I waited this long what is another day? I will wait for the Easter bunny to bring me the eggs (full size one's Mr. Bryon bunny) and I can have 1 or 2 after church! I guarantee the Friday after Easter I will NOT want meat or see any chocolate. Always want what you can't have!!

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Mendie said...

I saw a HUGE Reese Egg at Kroger the other day...up by the checkout! Might want to pass the msg on to the Bunny.

It's on my list too!!!