Thursday, May 14, 2009

Take a Number

Ever feel like the world is totally against you? Have you had one of those days that one thing after another goes wrong. The type of day where you wish you could just head back to bed and hibernate until the next day. You would think those type of days would sincerely make you appreciate the good days, but they don't!
Yesterday was one of those fun days! I woke-up yesterday feeling absolutely horrible. Thanks to the lovely Ohio pollen levels I could barely breath and my stomach was so upset I could barely function. I dreaded my drive with the "idiot patrol" that was what I term my fellow drivers that share my daily commute. I figured a quick stop to McDonalds would either further punish my stomach or make the misery end. I was short exact change by one stinking penny. Why is it you find pennies all over the place but not when you need them. So bought my orange drink and yogurt parfait and headed to work late..well after fielding various phone calls from upset co-workers and vendors I figured that the day could be changed to my day of HELL. In addition of fun, I was able to pick-up my bridesmaid dress that cost me a lovely $84 to get adjusted. On top of that I wonder what other insults to endure from the alteration person. Last week she told me that I had a bootie...lovely, thanks lady! I also had to return a package that cost me $16 to ship via ground..are you kidding me?! It wasn't that heavy!! I pick-up my son from school and he tells me he doesn't want to go and I am no his friend...again? My typically response is "fine you can't come to my birthday party-trust me, I can dumb myself down to a 3-year-old level without any problems you know who you are messing with"? Today I said.."take a number" and he yells out "3". Who is the Witty one now? One way to turn my frown upside down!

Thanks to post reminder of a dear friend of mine I am going to try to post a little more often then I have before..

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