Monday, June 23, 2008

What's Worse Bridesmaid Dresses or Swimsuits?

Another addition to Stacy's dislikes (one day I will post a "like"). I detest trying on bridesmaid dresses. I wouldn't say I was "larger" by any means, but I am definitely vertically challenged. 5'3 to me is SHORT and something I am just now embracing.

Saturday I had the privilege of trying on dresses for my sister's wedding next May with my mother (painful for us both I am sure). This is the first dress shop I have been to that didn't put the sizes in the dresses (good move) because that is the FIRST place I look (make that second after the price). Something isn't right with trying on a size 10 dress (my normal size 4-6-including my ghetto bootie and tree trunk like thighs) and it being tight on the hips. Then, having to pay $300 (before $100 alterations) for the darn thing in a size that makes you want eat only rice cakes for the next few months until the wedding. All sample sizes are far too long on me, and need to have those fun clippies on the chest area (typically no problem for the hips or bootie-lucky me) so I am definitely not changing a career to fashion modeling.
My sister has some spectacular taste in designers and dress styles I must say. However, for the future she might want to find a little better of a fit model for any further dress engagements.

I figure since I put myself in such a wonderful body embracing mood I might as well try on some of the cute swim fashions this year...after I finish my detoxing and rice cakes!

On the topic of weddings, you know what makes me laugh, after ever wedding I have ever been in I hear the same thing from someone that day or during the process: your dress is so pretty and you will be able to wear it again (where? we don't go any place that the dress code is over khaki's and a polo for a guy-husband request). I always want to tell those people the same thing "good thing I have this dress, the presidential event next month and I am certain once I pay more to have it altered and tightened I too can find a senator to throw me a few pity dollars to shake my bootie for".

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